Nigerian Legal System: A Modern Comprehensive Approach Book (Textbook with eBook Edition)

Nigerian Legal System Book (Textbook & eBook)

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This Nigerian Legal System book is unique in many ways. For instance, it reflects contemporary developments in the concept of legal systems worldwide and applies it specifically to the Nigerian situation. It contains subjects and analyses that are not present in the existing books on the Nigerian legal system. It is for these reasons that writing this book has taken quite some time. The book is expected to be published and made available for sale worldwide in 2016.

Importance of Nigerian Legal System eBook

cropped-Nigerian-Legal-System-New-Modern-Approach-Book-and-Ebook.pngA legal system is a living phenomenon that experiences constant changes from the processes of enactment of new laws (legislation), amendment and repeal of old ones that no longer reflect current realities in the society. That is why laws exist in a state of flux. Consequently, any book on any legal system, including the Nigerian legal system, must be revised from time to time in order to maintain its correctness and relevance. This is why many books on the Nigerian legal system, including The Nigerian Legal System by Akintunde Olusegun Obilade published in 1979 (more than three decades ago), have since lost their significance in various respects. Unfortunately, the said Obilade’s textbook is still being recommended in Nigerian universities today! Many students are therefore misled to rely on obsolete Nigerian law.

The Nigerian Legal System: A Modern Comprehensive Approach textbook with its companion eBook (electronic, digital or virtual book) comes in to change the undesirable status quo. The eBook version makes it dynamic, as a new edition will be published frequently to reflect major changes in the Nigerian legal system, which may not be possible with the print edition. The eBook edition will be available for purchase from links on this website to the major eBooks sale websites and also on the Nigerian eBooks website. The Nigerian eBooks website is being developed as a place to buy eBooks in Nigeria that are published by different eBook publishers worldwide, thereby providing the solution to the inability of those in Nigeria and Africa to buy those eBooks on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online eBookstores.

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Introduction to the Nigerian Legal System

“The Nigerian legal system is a relic of the century-old British imperialism that brought about the imposition of alien English legal system on our traditional legal structures and institutions. Our organic norms and values were thus largely displaced. Lagos was created a British colony in 1862. . .” Click here to access the full text of this short article

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